• iso-tonic Free

    this little app should help you to manage your .iso-images under linux.

  • J.R. Kerr PIC stepper motor control Free

    A 'C' language program for testing Kerr PIC step motor control boards.It has only a command line interface, to be run as 'root'. It is not a library to be installed. The program is intended to be modified and recompiled f

  • Da GNN Bomber Free

    Da GNN Bomber is a 3D and network highly customizable Bomberlan-like game. You can design your own levels, textures, models and power-ups.written in C/C++, it uses OpenGL, SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_net and GTK+-2.0 to ensure compa

  • IRCLib++ Free

    IRClib++ is a irc-library written in C++. The main goal of the project is to keep it simple but fast and useful.

  • motes-app Free

    motes-app is a web based data aggregation and monitoring tool for MDA320 and MDA300 sensor boards motes and base station.

  • Specto Free

    Specto is a desktop application that will watch for updates (websites, email, files...) and notify the user. *Take note that we moved to Google Code hosting: *

  • Faces2pvm Free

    Faces2pvm results from the necessity for a tool that do all that dirty job of configuring Unix (not only Linux)machines to run PVM. It starts PVM, wake up hosts, shut them down, configure directories, create hostfiles, diagno

  • PHP Shelve Free

    PHP Shelve, simple persistence mechanism for php objects, inspired by the python shelve module.

  • Etree Server Configuration Free

    This project will include source code and configuration scripts for the automation of an ftp server using Proftpd, Mysql, and PHP3/4. This project is primarially focused on the configuration and administration of etree s

  • websitecreator Free

    websitecreator is a tool for generating image gallery's and placing text on images. It also allows the user to create thumbnails. websitecreator uses the Qt library and the Magick++ library.

  • redview Free

    redView Riena EMF Dynamic Views. redView provides a WYSIWYG Editor for SWT Views based on EMF Models. redView can be used as Prototyping System, RCP Application and more. redView can render the Views dynamically.

  • Blog Pinger Free

    Blog Pinger can ping xml-rpc update servers when you post something new in your blog.

  • Surinam Free

    Surinam adds hyper-dynamic behavior to software by deploying and managing user-developed services that can come and go over time. This allows applications to be developed as loosely-coupled aggregations of services that can b

  • MicroWar 2.0 Free

    MicroWar is 'Space Invaders' style arcade game, in the cruel world of micro-compter industry. You're a Macintosh faced to invading Wintel hordes year after year, kill more PC. Developped with python and pygame library.

  • extrema Free

    EXTREMA is an interactive program with publication quality graphics and mathematical analysis capabilities. EXTREMA can be GUI and/or command driven. The command language includes conditional branching, looping and subroutin

  • Eddyspeak Free

    Eddyspeak is an orrigional translation content management system. It allows you to translate GNU GetText PO files using a browser. This allows a comunity to work on the same file at the same time and speeds up development. Us

  • MyBashBurn Free

    A frontend with dialog box that draws (using ncurses) windows onto the screen and can burn data cds, music cds, supports burning DVD-images and data DVDs, support of ripping/encoding of all popular formats

  • JavaIDMEF library Free

    JavaIDMEF is an implementation of IDMEF in Java originally developed by Chris McCubbin. The Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format (IDMEF) describes the structure and transport facility of information between IDS and man

  • COLLADA plugin for OpenSceneGraph Free

    NOTE: As of August 2006, development of this COLLADA plugin has migrated into the official OpenSceneGraph repository, so this SourceForge project is frozen for historical reference only. See

  • libtaskq Free

    This project is an userland library implementation of the Task Queue facility in the OpenSolaris kernel that simplifies thread management. Task Queues are somewhat similar to dispatch queues in Grand Central Dispatch but are