Canimals KeyboDrums HD - Free 1.1.0

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CANIMALS KeyboDrums !! This App is better than you can imagine! It's a fantastic App with the combined fun of a Piano and a drum all in one! While playing the CANIMALS KeyboDrums,you could become a wonderful musician! Play the CANIMALS KeyboDrums to your friends and family or even random strangers. Children can build upon their sense of rhythm and explore and practice with tunes while playing the CANIMALS KeyboDrums. Cute CANIMALS and high quality graphics Two types of instruments, the Piano and Drums It can record the music while playing and play it back once your done (You can also recorded your own voice) Play along with the songs included CANIMALS pop up while you play! Choose between using Piano or CANIMALS sound With ten children's songs and ten carols Easy to use and intuitive for children to play Includes bonus CANIMALS videos Batteries are not included (or needed if you are fully charged) Please contact us if you have any questions, inquiries or praise.


  • Version 1.1.0 posted on 2011-12-09

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