Travian manager bot 3.4.1

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TMBot is an application manager for the web based Travian game allowing the user to fully automate most of the gameplay experience. Features: - Alerts on attacks: Warns the user on attacks by audio and visual alerts and can even send notifications by email or icq. - Sends troops automatically: When selecting the villages for farming, TM will do the job automatically. - Stay out of troubles: If a village has too high defenses, TMBot will stop visiting it. - Evading attacks: Any kind of troops and resources can be sent away in case of an attack and called back after the attack is over. - Alliance: Allied attacks can be coordinated for maximum efficiency in troops and resources to make sure the target village is not attacked randomly.


  • Version 3.4.1 posted on 2009-10-14
    Several fixes and updates
  • Version 3.4.1 posted on 2009-10-14

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