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123VPN for Android is a 100% free mobile VPN app that allows you to protect your privacy & security on public WiFi hotspots, secure your personal data and identity, surf the web protected. Why download 123 VPN for Android: - FREE: 123VPN is 100% FOREVER free, and no credit card information is needed. - NO SIGN UP: you need no registration, no account to use the features of the Android VPN app. - DEAD SIMPLE TO USE: You simply install the 123VPN app and click “Connect” in order to activate the VPN(Virtual Private Network). It is one of the simplest VPN apps for Android. - SERVERS IN 14 COUNTRIES: United States, Canada, Russia, Panama, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. These are VPN servers, no proxy servers. More server locations are added on regular basis. - FASTEST VPN: By selecting the "Fastest server" the app will connect to the fastest VPN server available. - DOWNLOAD SPEED: The download speed using the 123 VPN free app may vary depending on the users Internet connection. Most of the time is good enough for most of the day to day browsing and streaming activities. - OPENVPN PROTOCOL: The app uses the OpenVPN VPN protocol, considered to be the most stable, secure and reliable. - UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH: 123VPN is unlimited, with no speed or bandwidth limitations. - NO LOGS POLICY: 123VPN doesn’t track or keep any logs of its users and their activities. - PHONE & TABLETS: The app works great on most of the Android devices (Android phones and Android tablets). This Android VPN client app is the right choice for you if you want: - to protect and encrypt your data from hackers (personal data and information, banking activity, accounts, and other sensitive Internet traffic); - to surf the web privately; - to protect your privacy & security on public WiFi hotspots; - to hide your IP address, identity, and location from websites and online trackers.


  • Version 2.8.0 posted on 2020-11-27
  • Version 2.7.2 posted on 2020-09-03
    123VPN is updated! This release contains bug fixes for devices that experienced crashes in the latest releases .
  • Version 2.7.0 posted on 2020-01-15
    123VPN is updated! This release contains minor bug fixes and an updated server list. 123VPN is FREE. An ad is displayed before each VPN Connection.
  • Version 2.6.8 posted on 2019-06-14
    123VPN is updated! This release contains minor bug fixes.

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