• Python WebDAV Library Free

    This project aims to provide an object-oriented Python WebDAV client-side library based on Python`s standard httplib and Greg Stein`s davlib. The client shall fully support RFCs 4918 (basic specification), 3744 (access contro

  • Bohemia Free

    Bohemia is a Java framework intended to simplify development of smaller web applications where Struts/JSP may not be justified, providing separation of business and presentation logic. SEE THE PROJECT WEB SITE for essential i

  • Null httpd Free

    Null httpd is a very small, simple and multithreaded web server for Linux and Windows.

  • mod_rest_cache Free

    mod_rest_cache enables a 2-tier caching architecture that allows dynamic processing of cached content using the output-filter chain (mod_include, mod_deflate etc). It also uses a targeted system for expiry of content using an

  • rhttpd Free

    rhttpd is a small webserver which tries to be fast in handling HTTP transactions and a bit flexible. At the moment rhttpd's portability is limited to Linux 2.6.

  • Dublet's HTTP Daemon Free

    Another fast and secure webserver. Started as a toy, growing up to be an apache killer. Making life easier for admins. Fully featured. Fully secure. Fully blazing.

  • SpyAmp Free

    SpyAmp is a web server plugin for Winamp that allows people to connect to your computer using a browser and see what you're playing. If you set permissions accordingly, you may also allow downloading of music files.

  • AWStats Multiple Statistics Free

    A simple PHP addon for AWStats which allows viewing and comparing statistics for multiple domain hosted in the same machine.

  • Apache::Htaccess Free

    Apache::Htaccess is a perl module for dealing with Apache .htaccess files.

  • mod_auth_sql_ldap Free

    mod_auth_mysql_ldap is an Apache HTTP authorization module that combines LDAP with MySQL. Users can be located and grouped in either LDAP or MySQL. Multiple LDAP servers are permitted, including Active Directory and OpenLDAP.

  • IwayPatrol OSE Free

    IwayPatrol-OSE is an open source web filter for Linux systems. It is based on a commercial product from iTech, Inc. that has been in commercial use since 1996. It supports black and white lists, content checking, and rating t

  • OpenAnonymity Free

    OpenAnonymity consists of a module for apache 2.0 Webserver and a framework that enables you to control search engine spider indexing on a word level, contrary to on file level as in Robots exclusion. OA could force Spiders t

  • Shadow0049's Micro Server Free

    Shadow0049's Micro-Server is an attempt to make it easier for webpage developers to test PHP/MySQL pages. The entire thing is about 20MB when installed and can run independantly off of a flash drive or any other removable med

  • metadata.net Free

    Metadata.net is a collection of website components and tools for creating and using metadata produced by the eResearch Group at ITEE, University of Queensland.

  • astahttpd web server Free

    astahttpd is a modular web server for Linux/Windows written in pure PHP, mainly targeted for PHP developers. It supports CGI script processing, Name based virtual Host, Basic & Digest Authentication, URL Rewrite, Content

  • XMMS Webcontrol plug-in Free

    A micro-webserver built as a plug-in for XMMS (www.xmms.org) allowing remote control over network. HTTP was chosen because of it's simplicity.

  • saiws Free

    SAIWS (Simple Asynchronous Invocation Framework for Web Services) is an add-on to Apache Axis. It allows web service client developers to invoke web services asynchronously on top of the HTTP and SOAP protocols (without using

  • minibyte Free

    This is a small project webserver that I started and have now gained interest in. I feel that it may become a decent httpd (but will never take the place of apache).

  • php-saurus Free

    php-saurus is a PHP extension written in C that provides Aiksaurus language bindings to PHP. Aiksaurus provides access to an English language thesaurus, allowing you to find word synonyms and phonetically relevant words.

  • Website Load Generator Free

    LoadGenerator is a Java project which allows load to be generated on web sites, and load times measured. It allows for configuration of ramp up the load, concurrent users, transactions per second, parameterization of the URLs

  • Jicarilla software framework Free

    A compact service-oriented event-based IoC/COP/SOC software framework written in Java, including basic event pipelining, a container supporting many kinds of IoC, and several useful general and network-related components.

  • mod_dirsize Free

    mod_dirsize is an Apache module to calculate the disk space used for any virtual host on your server. The results are displayed in kb using XML.

  • ArrowHead ASP Server Free

    The ArrowHead ASP Server is an 100% Java ASP Servlet supporting the VBScript programming language. It runs as a Java Servlet under an existing Java Servlet engine.

  • zAMilo HTTP and rsh-over-http server Free

    A micro HTTP server with rsh-over-http emulation. The compiled binary is less than 4k, can serve parallel requests, and very fast. It is intended to run on headless embedded devices to facilitate configuration and status repo

  • nettp Free

    Nettp (netty) is an Open Source .Net HTTP server written in c#, written with performance and modularity in mind. It supports Caching, gzip & deflate compression, and HTTPS (SSL using openSsl)

  • Extreme-4-PHPtriad Free

    Important updates to PHPtriad including php4.3.10 + GD2. Preinstalled applications like phpBB-2.0.11 with more than 30 themes, postnuke, phpnuke, chat programs, tools, and much more. Installation guidlines for additional modu

  • Nemesis, a HTTP daemon Free

    Nemesis is a single-threaded HTTP/1.1 daemon, designed for mudularity, flexibility and speed. All new features can be written as dynamicaly-loadable modules, and robust asynchronous IO layer is used.

  • OpenControlPanel Free

    an open source control panel for hosts to manage their server. This allows them to have a nice simple server, so they may focus on more important things for their business.

  • mod_antimalware_lite Free

    An Apache module that can be used to automatically block infected web pages from being served. Click "Sign Up" at the Dasient web site at www.dasient.com/partners to create a "Webmaster / Developer" accoun

  • mod_spambot Free

    mod_spambot is a plugin for Apache which helps to stop remote clients and so called spambots from downloading or mirroring a site without the site owner's permission, thus causing sites to break ISPs ' download limits.

  • SecureCGI Free

    The suid-ed wrapper which executes CGI scripts with owner rights.It also cleans environment variables, modifies resources limits and drops Linux capabilities.

  • MrHTTPD Free

    MrHTTPD is a threaded web server that is lightning fast, simple, robust, secure and has a very small memory footprint. Binary is around 12 kilobytes. Static files up to 3 times faster than Apache. CGI URL http server httpd no

  • Creative Nomad JukeBox Music Streamer Free

    Want to play your Creative NJB (or other libnjb-compatible device) tracks through your soundcard? Want to access the thing from a browser? Well that's what this project aims to provide, via a specialized HTTP server and two b

  • Tomcat Manager Plugin Free

    Eclipse plugin to manage a Tomcat web-server. It provides the possibility to startand stop web applications on multiple servers.

  • OpenHSP Hosting control panel Free

    OpenHSP is an all-in-one, fully integrated, control panel for Hosting Service Providers.It includes a complete billing system, windows and unix server management and web based control panels for administrators, customers, r

  • IPuppy Free

    IPuppy is a Linux-based dynamic IP update utility for those of us who do not have a static IP. IPuppy currently supports the DNS services provided by Zoneedit.com and Enom.com, and is written in PHP.

  • DirLst Free

    DirLst is a standalone web server that runs as a Windows service, and that provides a directory listing with many capabilities: login, directory zipping, a search engine, music streaming, etc.

  • HttpBlitz Free

    A cross platform Http web server developed using C++.Agile methodology with emphasis on :-1. Good Design2. Object Oriented Programming3. Refactoring4. Static/Dynamic Analysis, Unit-testing, Code Coverage5. Software Engi

  • Portable AllegroServe(tm) Free

    A free and portable Common Lisp Webserver.Portable AllegroServe is a variant of AllegroServe(tm) with an explicit emphasis on portability between Lispsystems and Operating Systems. You can find the original AllegroServe at

  • Small Screen Proxy Free

    Small Screen Proxy is a HTTP proxy server. It reformats web page for small screen devices e.g. handheld computer, PDA, mobile phone. It provides outline view and partial view of web pages which you want to see. The views are

  • access_external Apache module Free

    A module for apache webserver (1.3.x branch only so far) performing access control based on results of execution of external programm

  • Sure-Cal Free

    a micro WebDAV server to handle sunbird's remote calendar requests. It provides the easiest solution to get a central calendar in an intranet. It must be admitted that security and flexibility are not the topmost priorities.

  • mod_access_referer module for Apache Free

    This is an module for the Apache HTTP Server that provides access control based on "Referer" HTTP header content.

  • SW-HTTPD Free

    SW-HTTPD is a simple, secure, and robust HyperText Transfer Protocol Daemon Written in the C programming language.It implements the bare minimum of HTTP 1.1 necessary to be a productive webserver.

  • cshampoo Free

    A portable library for writing web servers and web services in C.

  • json-httpd Free

    json-httpd is a library that provides a web server with JSON-RPC capabilities. The library makes it easy to develop a WUI for application using static HTML and JAVA using JSON-RPC for communication. It also works as a standal

  • SimpleServe Free

    This is a open source webserver for windows. It is currently in alpha stages. I'm working to make this a small secure yet stable webserver.

  • Java File Uploader Free

    A Java based file uploading program. Shows a progress bar for each file that is currently being uploaded. Also makes thumbnails for each image that is pending. Also supports drag n drop.

  • Imbalance LAMP Based Load Balancer Free

    Imbalance is a lightweight redirector that runs as an Apache PHP Script, and a PHP daemon. Imbalance uses a cost based round-robin weighted algorithm to distribute load across web servers with the ability to create user defin

  • Opener-OAI Free

    Opener-OAI extracts Dublin Core and LOM records from EduCommons RSS-feedsand serves these records as an OAI-repository.It is initially build for the EduCommons site of Open Universiteit Nederland but should work on all EduC