CineSub 1.0

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Look for a movie, select subtitle, download it to your mobile phone and start watching any movie with subtitles.

It is completely free and works on any phone with android. It is especially helpful for people with hearing problems, but it is also useful to enhance the study of other languages ​with the viewing of movies with subtitles vailable in many languages.

With CineSub you can:

- Search for any movies on IMDb- Download any offered subtitle by for this movie.- Select the subtitle language when searching.- Download subtitles to your mobile phone.- Play the subtitle on your mobile phone.- Synchronize manually dialogs from subtitle with dialogs from the film.- Adjust the screen brightness to avoid disturbing other spectators.- Download any subtitle in advance and stored in your phone, so the lack of connection to the Internet can not become a problem.


  • Version 1.0 posted on 2011-09-05
    Several fixes and updates
  • Version 1.0 posted on 2011-09-05

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