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This weather app alerts you when rain is approaching. The alerts are a reliable short-term forecast based on near real-time data. This app is more precise and reliable than a traditional forecast. It is very useful for all outdoor activities – including cycling, motorcycling, hiking, gardening, BBQs, picnics, dog walking and DIY. Features: • Alerts to every type of precipitation, whether rain, snow or hail • Alert as a notification with vibration and/or sound • Simple and easy map overview • Handy widgets in different sizes and themes The data is collected from governmental weather services. Supported countries: Americas: USA (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam), Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina Europe: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Spain (including the Balearic and the Canary Islands), Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine Asia: Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India Oceania: Australia, Fiji Includes all extra features: • No more ads • Multiple alarms and additional settings • Animation settings and overlay transparency • Multiple locations and additional settings (for alarms) • More widget color schemes Also available for other platforms: https://app.rain-alarm.com


  • Version N/A posted on 2016-11-25
    4.2.14,Fixed issue with licensing error,4.2,Push notifications (app won't run in the background),Improved location update,Faster start-up (logo only shown as long as the app is loading)
  • Version 3.0.11 posted on 2011-05-02
    Several fixes and updates

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