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"You can't change the weather but knowing the weather in advance can change your life." Skymet Weather APP has high accurate weather information that would keep you ahead of weather uncertainties for all seasons, keeping you prepared for unseen with our emergency alerts and weather news reports that include extensive Monsoon coverage. Know the weather forecast, live weather data and maps that would provide you with real-time temperatures, winds, humidity, rainfall, etc. Check out live weather through different map layers that would showcase Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), radar, lightning, heat maps, air quality index (AQI), rainfall, animated wind speed and direction. To see better cloud configuration and to track weather systems or cyclonic storms use satellite imagery of INSAT, METEOSAT and Himawari. Why should you trust Skymet Weather App? Data analysed and interpreted by a renowned team of meteorologists State-of-the-Art of IT & Remote Sensing - pan India a network of 7000+ AWSs Real-time temperatures, 3 days hourly weather forecast and extended forecast up to 15 days Track AQI (Air Pollution level) and lightning status & warnings Weather warnings and advisories Features you would love * Real-time temperatures to 15-day forecast, all information available which may have of your interest * Personalize your app by choosing your 5 favourite locations * Filter according to your preferences, as forecast comes in 10 regional languages * India’s first lightning and thunderstorm detection system * Get the latest and trending weather reports on topics like Mumbai rains, Chennai rains, * * Monsoon in India and lifestyle content including Climate Change from our dedicated news team * Daily national weather forecast video to help you plan your next day * Track air pollution at your place * Know current wind speed and direction on maps * Satellite imagery of INSAT, METEOSAT and Himawari How to use? * It is highly recommended that you should on the GPS in the phone settings before installation of the app * After opening the app, find below the palate having 4 tabs - Weather, Maps, News, and More * In weather tab - user can select 5 favourite locations, view the current weather data, hourly 3 days forecasting, 15 days forecast, AQI (Air Pollution), Nearest AWS data (Live Weather) * In the Maps tab - displaying the India Map, different layers can be selected from the selection button. User can see the various thematic map of temperature, rainfall, pulse, radar, and lightning. User can see the wind directions and speed. * In the NEWS tab - all the weather-related news, articles, and videos are available. * In the More tab - User can access and see INSAT & METEOSAT satellite images for better visibility of clouds and other weather systems. Preference settings can be done for language, video, etc. FAQ, help and similar functionalities are there. Wherever you are or heading or whenever you are planning, get the accurate and most dependable weather information at Skymet Weather App. With us, you would not miss any moment. If you encounter any challenges or problems and any feedback, feel free to write to us at [email protected]. About Us


  • Version 4.30 posted on 2020-06-09
    Bug fixes.
  • Version 4.27 posted on 2020-04-12
    1) Issue fixes
  • Version 4.26 posted on 2019-09-09
    Issue fixes.
  • Version 3.15 posted on 2017-11-17
    Pollution measurement feature added.
  • Version 2.1 posted on 2016-08-23
    - Get customized notifications for your favourite and home locations,- Lightning, Radar Map integrated,- Get lightning and radar alerts for your favourite and home locations,- Enhanced User Interface with interactive performance,- You can now set your home location using GPS or you can manually search your location,- General bug fixes,- If you find Skymet Weather app even better than before now, please rate us! Your feedback after every update is essential for us to keep improving
  • Version 1.2 posted on 2013-06-06
    Several fixes and updates

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